What is LackeyCCG?

LackeyCCG is a tool for playing any CCG (collectible card game) online (or offline in solitaire mode). It's also a great tool for building and designing decks. You can create your own CCG or download a plugin of an existing game and play with your friends.

I - Installation instructions:

1º If you are new on LackeyCCG or if your version is old the first thing you need is download newest version of LackeyCCG from url below.

If you have some difficulties during to install the program I recommend you read this tutorial and then proceed with the steps for proper installation of the VTES plugin.

2º Unzip\Extract file using a Zip program (Winzip or Winrar) and run LackeyCCG.exe program

3º Go to "Preferences" tab > "Plugin", insert (or copy and paste) one of bellow listed URL in the "AutoUpdate" field, Click in "Update From URL:" button and wait below LOG field show this following message: "Autoupdate process completed successfully. Re-launch LackeyCCG for changes to take effect"

For small or low resolution monitors use this URL:

For big or high resolution monitors use this URL:

a) For those who still have the old plugin and wish to change for the high definition version, you must delete the old directory in LackeyCCG main folder plugins\vtes\sets\setimages and then make the autoupdate

b) If you see an error message: “ERRor: can’t find local autoupdate file” OR card images download speed is too low, wait few minutes and try again or verify your firewall.

4º Click in "Load plugin:" button, program will close automatically

5º Run LackeyCCG.exe again, go to "Preferences" > “Chat” and click "Set to current plugin's default canned messages"

6º Go to "Deck Editor" tab and enjoy...

LackeyCCG download Cards OnDemand (when you pass mouse over the card it download its image automatically) if you want to download all cards Instead use OnDemand feature, go to "Preferences", "Plugin" and click "Download all missing card images:" button (172/197mb). Some times this button doesn’t work but card images will download when you pass mouse over the cardname.

7º You can too download a complete copy of LackeyCCG with VtES Plugin and all card images (141/191mb zipped), just use one of bellow links:

For small or low resolution monitors use this URL:

For big or high resolution monitors use this URL:

(after download any of above files is very important run LackeyCCG Updater.exe on program folder to updater verify for new versions of program)

II – How to connect to Server and find more players:

1º Build a deck in “Deck Editor” tab and don’t forget to save it OR use a Precon Deck clicking in "Browse" button OR convert your deck from ELD format (FELD/ARDB/Etc) to LackeyCCG format using the bellow tool:

In "Deck Editor" you can use a "Format" dropbox to filter Library, Crypt and Storyline cards.

The deck conversion tool not recognizes some VtES cards, Check your decks after conversion.

2º Go to “Server” tab, put your nick name in "Login" field, click in "Refresh Server list from the tracker" button and then connect to the official LackeyCCG server OR you can make your own IP Server in "Start your Server Menu" OR you can "Connect to a Server from IP"

3º After the connection to the official LackeyCCG server you will see a main server window where you can see another players and another’s games (magic, wow, 5rings, etc), you can talk to another players in below Chat, join a game available in the right "Description" field or host your own game clicking in "Host a game..."


If you have problems to enter in LackeyCCG official server or to connect to a server game please read this following page:

III - How to play:

1º Connect to a Official Server, IP Server or Host Game

2º Join or host (create) a game.

3º Wait for all other players sit in Main Game Window

4º load our deck by right clicking in your avatar's button and then "Load Your Recent Deck" OR you go in the deck editor section, click in the button "Choose" and then "Load Deck to You".

5º Shuffle your "Crypt" and "Library" right clicking on their texts of their tabs right below the gaming table (both library and crypt are automatically shuffled as your load the deck, but the program does not shuffle properly, so I suggest you shuffle at least five times for a possible better result).

6º Roll a D20, right-clicking on the game table and then clicking in "Roll D20" or typing: /rolld20 on the chat below.

7º The highest number sit in the first position and choose the place he will put his vampires (crypt cards) by clicking on the "Draw Crypt" tab under the game table. Then, the second players sits below the first one, put his cards on the game table and so on until all players position themselves in the game table. To see his/her crypt cards on the table, simply select the card and press SHIFT once.

8º To play cards from hand to table just drag and drop the card to the game table or right click on it and click "Play".

9º To pay cost of cards, influence minions or lose pool use controls in the right side of your avatar.

10º To see all players in game with more than 2 players just resize the avatar screen using a colored bar bellow the avatar field.

11º   To shift phases or shift from one player to another, just click in the arrow controls bellow your avatar colored bar.

Unfortunately turn order don't show right player order, this will be corrected in future new version of program.

12º Good Game

a) You can customize all lackey interface (table and program background, images, avatar, windows colors, keyboard shortcuts, sounds and more). Go to "Preferences" tab and make LackeyCCG the way you want.

b) If you have any trouble with main interface (sometimes your hand becomes empty, card images becomes too big, columns disappear) try to correct that error typing /FIX in Chat field...

IV – How to play by IP (not connected to the server):

To host (create the game) a game, just open LackeyCCG, click on "Main Menu", "Start Host a Game", choose the number of players (latter you can add or remove sits), name the game or room you are creating and then click on "Host". Check up your IP number on the internet (You can see your IP address at:, pass your IP to other players in order to let them join your game. They will have to enter the "main menu", "join network game", enter your IP number and click "Connect".

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